Our process

Our Strategy is simple: to be early stage investors in scalable innovative companies that we will select once we have completed an extensive due diligence process.

Because we are at an early stage in the life cycle of our ecosystem,  our fund includes an acceleration component allowing us to target businesses in their early commercial growth stages. Our objective, through the accelerator, is to accelerate the growth of these companies to become investment targets for our Venture Capital Fund.

  • We achieve this by becoming hands on partners in each of these businesses – bringing clarity of strategy, operational efficiency, operational funding (seed capital in the form of shareholders loans), good governance, identification and selection of key personnel and providing access to significant clients and markets.

The goal in this phase is to provide active, hands-on support in order to de-risk these companies and prepare them for a Venture Capital investment. The competitive advantage that this provides to our investors is a stream of qualified investable companies that represent a deal flow with which we have deep and long term relationships.

For the scale-up stage, high growth companies:

  • Our Venture capital Fund will invest up to R10-million in each of our selected & de-risked disruptive companies. It is the funds intention to secure equity positions in the range of 26%-40% in this round of investment.

With significant investments in over 25 companies since the 1990s, we know what it takes to succeed and work hard to help make big things happen for our companies.

Our ongoing deal flow continues to unearth exceptional companies & teams that are in our target investment bracket, requiring investments of up to R10-million in order to catalyse their next round of super-growth (by scaling into global markets).

We believe that success can only be achieved by becoming hands-on partners in each of the businesses we invest in. In this way we work together with the founding teams to ensure that there is clarity of strategy, operational efficiency, good governance, timeous identification and selection of key personnel and, most importantly, that we can provide access to significant clients and markets.